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Electric Bicycle Motor Maintenance Guidelines

Update:08 Sep 2018

1. All circuit and electrical connection of Electric Bi […]

1. All circuit and electrical connection of Electric Bicycle Motor are designed and guided by professional personnel. Users are not allowed to modify and change their own, otherwise it is prone to malfunctions and accidents (including: serious consequences such as fire, traffic accidents).

2. Although various electric appliances and components of electric bicycle motors have certain waterproof functions, their waterproof performance may be degraded due to damage, aging, etc., so electric bicycles should not be driven on the road where the water depth can be submerged to the motor shaft. When parking or driving in the rain, various switches and handles should be covered with a rain cover to prevent the electrical components from being damaged by moisture.

3. It is found that the electric bicycle motor is hot (more than 90 °C), smoke, smell, abnormal noise or other abnormalities. It should stop running immediately and send it to our company for distribution. Do not disassemble the motor by yourself.

4. The vehicle should be protected from overloading, insufficient tire pressure or long and steep slopes, otherwise the electric bicycle motor may be burnt.

5. Electric wheels should not be subjected to severe impact, and electric vehicles should not be forced to start in a state of blockage. When the electric vehicle cannot be started due to being blocked, do not start it repeatedly. The motor should be started after the cause of the electric vehicle is blocked.

6. For electric bicycle motors with chains, remember to always lubricate the chain. This will not only reduce the wear of the transmission parts, extend their life, but also reduce the transmission noise.

7. During the use of the electric vehicle, the user generally does not need to maintain and maintain the internal parts of the motor. Just pay attention to check the state of the fasteners on the rear fork parts of the electric wheel hub. If it is found that the nut is loose, tighten the nut or Please check with the professional.

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