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Effective Solutionof Electric Bicycle Motor Bearings

Update:15 Sep 2018

Effective Solution for Over-tightening of Electric Bicy […]

Effective Solution for Over-tightening of Electric Bicycle Motor Bearings.

If the bearing and the outer diameter are too tightly fitted, the cover will be biased during installation, and it will be subjected to external force, resulting in overheating and heat, which will eventually affect the normal operation of the electric bicycle motor, so we have to take some measures to solve it. This will allow the device to work properly.

Wenling Hub Motor bearing over-tight solution:

1. Some people use the DC electric bicycle motor to tighten too tightly, causing the bearing to heat up, so that the grease is squeezed out, and there is no lubricating oil on the bearing runway, so the bearing has problems due to overheating.

2. Generally speaking, when repairing the DC electric bicycle motor, the bearing outer ring and the end cover should be fitted with appropriate tolerances, and the lower limit of the tolerance range should be adopted. The upper limit of the tolerance range is not allowed, so that the diameter of the bearing chamber is small and increases outside the bearing. The amount of interference with the circle. If conditions permit, if you want to understand at a deeper level, you can do an inspection before disassembly.

3. Electric bicycle motor bearing over-tightening solution: remove the bearing, wipe off the grease inside the bearing, wash the bearing with gasoline, and then reciprocate the outer ring relative to the ball by hand, the bearing is almost undetectable . If the gap between the outer ring and the inner ring is large, the bearing is damaged.

4. Hold the motor shaft with your hand and pull it up and down to find out if the bearing is loose. When the degree of contact friction or looseness between the stator and the rotor exceeds the normal clearance of the stator and rotor core, the bearing is damaged and cannot be used.

5. If the bearing is damaged, the ball is broken or the ball holder is damaged, it must be replaced with a new bearing. When the running sleeve is light, the shaft can be placed on the lathe soil, and the knurling knife is used to emboss the outer surface of the shaft, but this is an emergency measure, which is better. The method is to set the ferrule so that the fit between the ferrule and the shaft is static.

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