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Describe the Role of High Pressure Pump in Seals

Update:14 Sep 2018

The high pressure pump is a high-pressure power supply […]

The high pressure pump is a high-pressure power supply equipment for high-pressure rotary jet cement slurry. It is used for strengthening and strengthening foundations such as buildings and highways. It can also be used for high-pressure water jets to assist in rock-breaking coal, underground hydraulic props for liquid supply, and anchors to inflate large metal anchors. The rod pump pumps high-pressure water, and the large underground pipeline clears dredging and cleaning.

There is another type of booster pump for high pressure pump blasting pressure test, which can pressurize the liquid to a pressure of 640 MPa, which is widely used in various work, blasting experiments and so on. The G series gas-liquid booster pump uses a single-gas controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to complete the automatic reciprocating motion of the pump and the pump body high pressure pump.

Some gas drives are made of aluminum alloy. Some of the liquid picking is made of carbon steel or stainless steel according to the medium. The complete set of seals of the pump are imported high quality products, and then the function of the pump is guaranteed. This series drives pistons with a diameter of 160mm and a maximum drive pressure of 10bar. In order to guarantee the life of the pump, it is recommended to use 8 bar of air pressure.

In hydraulic systems and systems, sealing equipment is used to prevent leakage of working media and intrusion of foreign dust and foreign matter. The element that acts as a seal between them, ie the seal. External leakage can form the dregs of the working medium, pollute the machine and the environment, and even cause mechanical failure and equipment personal accidents. The internal leakage causes a sudden drop in the volumetric power of the hydraulic system, which does not reach the required operating pressure, and even does not work. The intrusion of fine dust particles in the system can cause or exacerbate the wear of the conflicting parts of the hydraulic components, further causing leakage. Thus, seals and sealing equipment are some of the primary components of hydraulic equipment. The reliability and service life of its operations is a primary measure of the quality of the hydraulic system. Click for more details.

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