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Daily Maintenance of Electric Bicycle Motors

Update:11 Sep 2018

Since there are so many kinds of electric bicycle motor […]

Since there are so many kinds of electric bicycle motors, the internal structure is so complicated, and it is a very easy to damage component, then the daily maintenance and use of it can not be avoided, and then we will introduce some notes to you!

1. Since the internal circuit and electrical connection of the electric bicycle motor are designed and installed by professionals, as an ordinary user, please do not modify the electric bicycle motor privately, otherwise it is prone to spontaneous combustion or traffic accidents.

2. Since the general electric bicycle motor does not have a good waterproof function, if you encounter too much water in a shallow river or urban area, please do not risk the electric bicycle motor to drive in deep water, and let the water surface exceed the rear axle. position.

3. During the use, check the tightening status of the electric bicycle motor and the rear fork. If the screw is loose, please rebuild it after sale.

4. Due to the different bearing capacities of different brands and specifications of electric vehicles, electric vehicles should be avoided as much as possible. Most electric vehicles use hub motors, and more attention should be paid to the lack of air in the rear wheels. If the rear tires are in a gas-deficient state. It is easy to damage the electric bicycle motor by continuing to hit a hard object.

5. Since some high-end electric vehicles use a mid-mounted motor + chain design, it is important to remember to lubricate the chain frequently, which not only reduces the wear of the transmission parts, but also reduces the transmission noise.

As one of the four major parts of electric vehicles, electric bicycle motors have always been in a neglected position, mainly because most electric vehicles are cheaper, and most people know little about the daily maintenance of electric vehicle parts. As long as the car can still run, it will not go to the regular inspection of electric vehicles, which also led to many electric vehicles with brake failure, spontaneous combustion and other phenomena. Here, all drivers of electric vehicles are called for safe travel for you and others. Please check the electric vehicles regularly to eliminate safety hazards in advance.

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