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Chinaninecontinent Teach You Choose Automatic Pressure Washer

Update:14 Jun 2018

Automatic Pressure Washer, is through the power device […]

Automatic Pressure Washer, is through the power device high pressure piston pump to produce high pressure water to wash the surface of the machine. It can remove dirt, wash away and clean surfaces. Because high pressure water column is used to clean dirt, high pressure cleaning is one of the most recognized scientific, economic and environmental cleaning methods in the world.

General high pressure washer can be divided into household and professional use of two. If you use a washer for less than 50 hours a year, you only need to buy a home cleaner. It's cheaper, lighter, simple and heat resistant. If you use the time more than 100 hours, consider professional with high pressure washer, large volume, adopts the copper alloy pump head, stainless steel valves and other durable material, the price, of course, also you a lot. So how to choose, should depend on consumer demand and decide.

High pressure washer, depending on the situation, can also be divided into hot water and cold water type. Generally on the market is mostly cold water type, with faucet infuse normal temperature water can be used; But there are part of the business premises need to hot water to rinse, then must be a special type of hot water high pressure washer of choose and buy, if the premises with cold water into hot water, internal parts including pump will quickly damage, do more harm than good.

Different nozzles have different cleaning effects. Such as circular water nozzle can increase the efficiency of cleaning, fan type as low pressure spray nozzle can turn the nozzle spray (suds) and high pressure fan type water column, suit low water flow gently scrub brush can spray, etc. Some of these sprayers will be complimentary, some must choose their own, in the purchase to refer to the needs of good selection.

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