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Update:13 Dec 2017

Abroad: In the western developed countries in Europe an […]

Abroad: In the western developed countries in Europe and the United States, automobiles are quite popular. The U.S. car ownership accounts for almost one-fifth of the global car ownership, of which 130 million are sedan cars and an average of 1.3 cars per 1.3 people. The car wash shop is less than 30,000. How many vehicles to ensure that the vehicle neat as new? The original US national self-service car wash has long been a part of life, self-service credit card car wash equipment widely throughout the gas stations, high-speed service area, a large parking lot, urban and rural communities and other places.
In China: As more and more Chinese people join the car owners, the car washing machine market is constantly expanding. By the end of 2010, there will be more than 150 million cars of various types and nearly 80 million private cars in China. And our car wash up to 30,000 or more, which means that each car wash an average of more than 20,000 vehicles each year to wash. Most cities in large and medium-sized cities in China basically do not allow the establishment of car wash shops. Most car wash shops are located outside the city. In this way, car owners are faced with not only waiting in line but also car washing A long time before the car can wash the car.
Traditional car wash shop is a high pressure water gun connected to tap water, plus a few large towels, which is a lot of car wash the main equipment. Car wasted water waste is serious, car wash circulating water car wash equipment became a display, a lot of water was secretly used for car wash, water saving applications can not be promoted. According to relevant statistics, according to this method of washing, the country will consume 100 million tons annually.

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