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Backwater of High Pressure Cleaner

Update:14 Sep 2018

A wide range of High Pressure Cleaner that we see in ou […]

A wide range of High Pressure Cleaner that we see in our usual days. Household high pressure cleaners, commercial high pressure cleaners, industrial high pressure cleaners, special high pressure cleaners, etc. Although the pressure and flow are different, but there is a feature together - backwater.

So what are the advantages of backwater?

When the water in the pump head of the Automatic Pressure Washer can no longer be completely sprayed out, some of the water will return to the original pump head or the water source. The purpose is to avoid damage to the pump head and the plunger rod section, then what kind of high pressure cleaner returns to the pump head inlet; what kind of pressure washer back to the water source?

With regard to the high pressure cleaner with relatively small pressure and low flow rate, such a low-pressure tank that can return to the inlet can be recycled in time. For example, a domestic high pressure cleaner and some commercial small-pressure washers can return to the water. Low pressure warehouse. However, commercial machines and industrial-grade high pressure cleaners cannot be used. The reason is that the pressure of the ultra high pressure cleaners is particularly high. The water that comes out is rubbed by the plungers and the temperature rises. If you return to the low-pressure tank of the pump head, simply make it The pump head is overheated, which is not conducive to the use of high pressure cleaners. In addition, there are some small bubbles in the backwater, which makes the pump head appear murmur. Therefore, it is best to return to the water source.

It is also possible to see if the equipment is operating normally by the amount of return water. If there is too much backwater, it may clarify that the pore size of the cleaning nozzle may be small or that the aperture may be blocked. When the return pipe does not return to water, clarify that the equipment is in optimal operation.

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