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Automatic car wash

Update:20 Dec 2017

Features: Full-featured, reasonable structure, energy s […]

Full-featured, reasonable structure, energy saving, rapid cleaning, beautiful appearance, durability
1. Automatic induction water
2. Automatic profiling scrub body
3. Automatic spray car wash liquid
4. Automatically flush the chassis
5. Automatically wash the rim
6 .Automatic spray light wax
7. The system automatically detects
8. Seven car wash procedures
1) computer control system: Germany's Siemens, Turck, Japan's Fuji and other internationally renowned components, reliable performance and stability. Advanced self-test function to test car washing machine manual, automatic, motor, pressure, water, spray wax and other systems.
2) Security system: The advanced infrared electric eyes can automatically sense the car model. After the car washing machine is started, it can automatically determine the model and wash the car without manual selection. The automatic car washing program can be controlled manually to ensure the car wash safety .
3) Super soft bristles: the latest generation of foam brush. Super gentle, not to hurt the body. Bristles and body contact all points are able to maintain average pressure in the smallest state of pressure, the bristles can completely wrap the body and make it to achieve the best car wash effect. It increased from 200,000 car washings to 400,000 car washings.

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