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Application of Gasoline Pressure Washer in Cleaning

Update:13 Jul 2018

In recent years, foreign companies have used high press […]

In recent years, foreign companies have used high pressure washer cleaning technology to apply it to the food anti-virus industry. This technology not only enables food to achieve the effect of preservation, but also won people's recognition. High-pressure water jet cleaning is a pressure booster system of a high pressure washer. Pressurized water is ejected from a high-pressure nozzle to form a high-speed water jet. This high-pressure water jet has a high impact and exploitation ability, and can scale and metal on the pipe wall. Oxides and other attachments are eliminated and the cleaning effect is excellent. Then what are the specific advantages of using high pressure washer cleaning technology? These advantages can be simply summarized in two points. They are:

1. Ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning technology environmental protection without pollution.

This technology uses water as the medium, through the special equipment system to make water to produce multi-beam, multi-angle, high-pressure water jets with different strengths. Thoroughly cutting, squeezing, crushing, and flushing the scale, attachments, and plugs in the equipment to be cleaned to achieve complete cleaning. No matter what scale deposits - rust and oxide scale, chemical residue, resin, paint or epoxy resin, we only need to use the water rust removal system to solve these problems, completely remove the dirt and get clean and smooth. surface. It is many times more efficient than manual cleaning, does not require chemicals, solvents or corrosives, and does not require the use of costly safety and disposal measures at the same time, making it cleaner and more environmentally friendly. No corrosion of pipeline equipment, no pollution to the environment, the sewage generated is also very easy to handle.

2. Ultra high pressure water jet cleaning technology application.

The high pressure washer can not only clean the pipeline, but also can be used for the cleaning of industrial equipment (such as heat exchangers, boilers, towers, storage tanks, etc.); the high-pressure water jet technology can also be applied to the internal and external cleaning of heat exchangers in the petrochemical industry. Industrial derusting and anti-corrosion engineering surface treatment, automotive industry spray room cleaning, aerospace engine parts cleaning, aircraft runway rubber cleaning, nuclear power plant to remove radiation pollution.

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