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Analysis of Wenling High Pressure Pump Noise

Update:07 Sep 2018

Describe the Analysis of Wenling High Pressure Pump Noi […]

Describe the Analysis of Wenling High Pressure Pump Noise and Its Operation Method. The high pressure pump is a high-pressure power supply equipment for high-pressure rotary jet grout. It has been widely used in the construction of roads, pipelines, and dredging equipment. However, when high pressure pumps are used, high pressure pump gears often exhibit noise, then high pressure pump gears. The reason for the noise and how to solve the noise problem, let's analyze it.

First, the noise of the high pressure pump gear has the following possible aspects: (1) the impact of the rotary vane on the cylinder, the residual volume of the high pressure pump of the gear and the sound of the pressure oil in the exhaust dead space; (2) the exhaust valve Impact on the valve seat and the support member; (3) echo and bubble cracking sound in the box; (4) bearing noise; (5) noise caused by many gas and oil impact oil baffles; (6) others. Such as noise caused by the transmission, fan noise of the air-cooled gear high pressure pump. (7) Motor noise, which is a crucial element.

Second, the detailed operation method to solve the problem of high pressure pump noise. click here

(1) The self-priming high pressure pump should be placed in a well-ventilated local operation as much as possible to facilitate rapid heat dissipation and lower the motor temperature. Otherwise, long-term operation, it is easy to burn the motor.

(2) High pressure pump repair When the high pressure pump presents a problem, it is forbidden to start disassembling it yourself. When I opened it myself, I did not know where the problem was and caused blind blind dismantling. Second, there was no special tool and it often damaged the original parts. The best way to do this is to have an experienced, large-scale repair point repair and replace overage parts and certain consumables in a timely manner. Under normal circumstances, the high pressure pump should be repaired once every six months to eliminate the disease.

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