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Analysis of Valves Importance to High Pressure Washer

Update:03 Sep 2018

As the use of High Pressure Washer continues to increas […]

As the use of High Pressure Washer continues to increase, the demand for shopping malls continues to increase. Especially in the field of industrial cleaning, because of the increasing importance of industrial cleaning to us, the device has been widely promoted and used. At present, high pressure washers have become the preferred cleaning equipment in the field of industrial cleaning, and are gradually evolving toward systematization and automation. After the remote control of the high-pressure water generating equipment, the automation of the high-pressure water jet cleaning can be ended.

The remote active control pressure relief valve is measured by the pressure transmitter to measure the outlet pressure of the high pressure water generating equipment, and converts the measured value into a digital signal, which is transmitted to the control system. The control system announces the command as required, and opens and closes the electric equipment. The electric equipment drives the pressure relief valve according to the instructions of the control system, thereby ending the pressure dispatch of the high pressure cleaner.

Constant pressure overflow effect: In the quantitative pump-saving scheduling system, the quantitative pump supply is stable flow. When the system pressure increases, the flow needs to be reduced. At this point, the relief valve opens, allowing excess flow to overflow into the tank, ensuring that the pressure at the inlet of the relief valve, ie the pressure at the outlet of the pump, is stable (the valve opening often opens with pressure).

Regulatory action: The relief valve is connected in series on the oil return road. The back pressure of the relief valve causes back pressure to increase the stability of moving parts.

System unloading function: In the overflow valve remote control port series overflow small flow solenoid valve, when the solenoid is energized, the overflow valve remote port through the tank, then the hydraulic pump unloading. The relief valve is now used as an unloading valve.

Safety protection: When the system is working normally, the valve is closed. When the load exceeds the limit, the overflow is opened and overload protection is performed so that the system pressure does not increase.

Chinaninecontinent High pressure washer work at any working pressure at the rated working pressure. Pressure regulators are important scheduling organizations to ensure and end this work. Since most chinaninecontinent high pressure washer equipped with high-pressure water generators are classified as fixed-volume pumps, any pressure below the rated working pressure will be accompanied by overflow. The pressure relief valve is a device that can end the pressure regulation and overflow of the high pressure water generating equipment together. It is called a pressure relief valve.

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