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Analysis of the Importance of Valves to High Pressure Cleaner

Update:04 Sep 2018

As the field of use of wenling High Pressure Cleaner co […]

As the field of use of wenling High Pressure Cleaner continues to increase, the demand for shopping malls continues to increase. Especially in the field of industrial cleaning, as industrial cleaning has become more and more important to us, this equipment has been widely promoted and used. At present, wenling high pressure cleaner have become the preferred cleaning equipment in the field of industrial cleaning, and are gradually evolving into systemization and automation. After remote control of the high-pressure water generating equipment, the activation of the high-pressure water jet cleaning can be ended.

The remote active control pressure regulating relief valve measures the outlet pressure of the high pressure water generating device by the pressure transmitter, converts the measured value into a digital signal, and transmits it to the control system. The control system announces the command according to the need to open and close the electric device. The electric device drives the pressure regulating relief valve according to the command of the control system, thereby ending the pressure dispatching of the high pressure cleaner.

Constant pressure overflow function: In the quantitative pump saving scheduling system, the fixed pump supplies a stable flow. When the system pressure increases, the flow needs to be reduced. At this point, the relief valve opens, allowing the remaining flow to overflow back to the tank, ensuring that the relief valve inlet pressure, ie the pump outlet pressure, is stable (the valve port often opens with pressure).

Regulating effect: The relief valve is connected in series on the returning oil path, the back pressure of the overflow valve occurs, and the smoothness of the moving parts increases.

System unloading function: a small flow solenoid valve is connected in series at the remote control port of the overflow valve. When the electromagnet is energized, the remote control port of the overflow valve is connected to the fuel tank, and the hydraulic pump is unloaded. The relief valve is now used as an unloading valve.

Safety protection: When the system is working normally, the valve is closed. The overflow is turned on when the load exceeds the limit of the rule, and the overload protection is performed so that the system pressure is no longer increased.

The reason why the wenling high pressure cleaner can work at any working pressure under the rated working pressure is that the pressure regulating valve is working. Pressure regulators are an important scheduling organization to ensure and end this work. Since most high-pressure water cleaners are equipped with high-pressure water generating equipment that is assigned to a fixed-flow volumetric pump, it will be accompanied by an overflow at any pressure below the rated working pressure. The pressure regulating relief valve is a device that can end the pressure regulating and overflowing of the high pressure water generating device together, which is called a pressure regulating relief valve.

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