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A New Type of Electric Bicycle Motor Automatic Transmission

Update:27 Sep 2018

The rapid development of electric bicycles in China, th […]

The rapid development of electric bicycles in China, the state's support for the electric bicycle industry has clearly defined the direction of electric bicycles. Regarding the current hub motor and differential motor used in electric bicycles, there is a demand for climbing and speed in the process of use. When the power meets the torque, the speed is correspondingly slow. When the power meets the speed, the slope is climbed. Insufficient force. Therefore, at the same rated power, the transmission that is automatically shifted by the motor speed can completely solve the speed and force distance conversion. It satisfies the user's need for climbing and extreme speed in use, reducing battery starting current and extending battery life.

The new Electric Bicycle Motor automatic transmission aims to overcome the technical deficiencies of the existing electric bicycle motor, and designs an automatic electric bicycle motor accessory that is simple in structure and high in use efficiency, and can automatically switch the transmission ratio of the electric bicycle during driving. transmission.

The technical solution of the new electric bicycle motor automatic transmission is that the electric bicycle motor automatic transmission comprises a transmission cover, a transmission shaft, a transmission connecting plate and a sun wheel fixing plate. A planetary gear reducer is arranged on the casing of the transmission, and more than one notch is provided along the casing, and the spline of the planetary gear reducer extends to the upper part of the casing and the active disk with the block, the active disk and the casing The clutch is formed, and the transmission shaft is closely matched with the center hole of the driving plate, the spline hole of the connecting plate is fixed with the transmission shaft spline, the connecting plate is fixed by the fixing block, and the driving plate is splined to connect the driven parts. The sun gear fixed plate connects the sun gear.

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