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A Few Questions About the Pump of High Pressure Pump

Update:19 Nov 2018

In the large category of pumps, it can be said that it […]

In the large category of pumps, it can be said that it is a wide variety, so for a pump of High Pressure Pump , it must be fully understood and understood. Therefore, based on this, we will continue to explain the knowledge of the high pressure pump in order to achieve the learning goal as soon as possible.

1. High pressure pump, if it is used with the engine, is the engine speed related to the high pressure pump?

When the high pressure pump is used together with the engine, then the speed of the engine must be related to the performance of the high pressure pump, and this is also certain and certain. Also, if the high pressure pump does not work properly, the engine will also be greatly affected.

2. High pressure pump, can it increase the oil pressure? If the head is not enough, what problems will it bring?

The high pressure pump, which is used for oil pressure rise, is easy to implement. If the head is not enough, then the problem, or the consequences, is the problem of insufficient water supply for the high pressure pump.

3. What is the cause of water leakage or air leakage in the high pressure pump line?

If the high pressure pump line leaks or leaks, then the specific reason is that the high-pressure pump is not fastened during installation, such as the screw is not tightened. Or, it may be that the pipeline is damaged, etc., which may also cause this problem. Therefore, it should be checked one by one to find out the real reason to solve it effectively.

4. For the pure water machine high pressure pump, its working pressure, how to consider when designing?

For the pure water machine high pressure pump, the working pressure is generally in the design process, mainly to take into account the surplus factor, so there should be a certain margin, so that is the case. Moreover, it should be noted that the pressure should not be too low, so as not to affect the operating efficiency of the high pressure pump and its working effect.

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