Use a high-pressure cleaner to wash your car at home.

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With the development of China's automobile industry. Small cars went into every home. Car ownership is growing, and car washing, an emerging industry, is expanding rapidly. The rapid entry of small cars into homes began in 2009, and we can clearly feel that. More and more families have cars around them. This is related to an increase in household income. It has something to do with the falling price of cars. The number of cars is increasing. The pie of car-related maintenance is also growing, and business is picking up at car wash, the most frequented of all car owners. But a trip to the car wash would cost as little as $100. But these are the most basic cleaning methods.

At present, the common method of car washing: car washing room in the manual car washing, self-help computer car washing. In the car wash room, the principle of manual car washing and automatic computer car washing are roughly the same (automatic computer car washing can save human resources), both of which require specialized and large car washing equipment and fixed location. It is inconvenient, the charge is higher, and the water is larger, so many car owners are not willing to accept higher car washing costs. The use of small cleaning equipment to clean their own cars, the market is common cleaning machine because of its small water pressure, can not use water to wash away the sediment on the surface of the car, but with the help of a brush; Its scrub process is the same as the surface of the car with sandpaper friction, will damage the car surface paint. This reduces the shine on the outside of the car.

In addition, we find that most of the car washing machines on the market now have a single function and take up space. You can't concentrate multiple functions on one organism at the same time. In the process of car washing, the owner can not get a certain car washing convenient experience.

Home car wash tools have a very wide range of tools of all sizes have their own USES, when people are faced with such a rich choice, it is hard to avoid feeling very confused, what kind of tool is the best choice? What are the different USES of different tools? With these questions in mind, let's take a look at a variety of home wash tools. The home car cleaner also contains more than a single tool, it is also a series of a lot of equipment. Let's analyze them one by one.

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